Why Study a Master’s in Public Health?

There are a number of benefits to earning a master’s in public health. It allows you to expand your career options and builds upon previous training and experience. Typically, graduate programs in public health require minimal prerequisites, and you may not have to take additional coursework. Getting your master’s in public health will give you the knowledge and skills needed to address the pressing problems facing the population. You can learn about various careers in the field, such as public health or epidemiology.

After earning your MPH, you’ll be well-prepared for a variety of positions in public health, including those in government. Graduates of Northeastern University’s MPH program have found success in various positions within state and federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, community-based health agencies, and health maintenance organizations. Master of Public Health graduates often work in healthcare facilities as health administrators, where they oversee the daily operations of healthcare facilities. They manage budgets and set organizational goals. They ensure quality patient care and provide leadership in a variety of settings.

The field of public health is rapidly changing. New technologies have created new tools to address previously insurmountable issues. Public health requires innovative leaders who can use emerging technologies to solve health disparities. A master’s in public health will prepare you to be the leader of future public health programs. It’s a professional non-thesis degree that will open doors to many opportunities. You will develop a diverse range of skills and become a powerful advocate for improving the health of people.

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