What Do Lawyers Think of Mob Lawyers?

You may wonder what lawyers think of mob lawyers. The answer varies, and a good lawyer may not have the same opinion of mob lawyers as you do. However, you may be able to get some insight from other lawyers who have experience in these cases. For example, Goodman was a mob lawyer by accident, having taken on defence work as a means to avoid being arrested himself. Goodman represented Meyer Lansky, Lefty Rosenthal, Mike Tyson, and Don King, among others. While his clients were mob members, he believed that every client should receive a fair trial, and he went to great lengths to make sure that all of his clients were given one.

While many lawyers do not view mob attorneys favorably, they should at least recognize the work that these lawyers do. During the Great Depression, a famous trial lawyer was a woman. In addition to prosecuting the Mafia, Carter served as legal advisor for the early United Nations. This book, “Last of the Gladiators: New York’s Most Famous Mob Lawyers”, is the result of a close-knit team of legal professionals.

During the Commission trial, the Mafia’s stranglehold on New York City was significantly reduced. The third episode of “Mob Lawyers,” however, depicts Gotti’s reign. It would be a good sequel to the series. The author, Staci Zaretsky, is a senior editor at Above the Law and is available on Twitter and LinkedIn. She can be reached via @stacizaretsky_lawyer on LinkedIn.

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