Industry trends for the various business sectors

Social commitment

It is true that in the midst of the pandemic, many companies managed to maintain interaction with customers and prospects on social networks. This trend will continue, but it will have a twist, because it will be more authentic.  We mean that the content and comments will be less curated by specialists in managing social networks. Rather, it will come from someone more connected to the company who offers a more natural exchange. This trend, coupled with the involvement of micro – influencers and industry influencers, will be key to driving more spontaneous conversations . Likewise, it will be extremely effective in attracting and capturing customers.

Industry fundamentals

Important aspect of the business is always the fundamentals. The idea behind  business basically. One of the most growing ideas has been CBD business. Because of the legalization of CBD in Canada, mail ordering marijuana has been easier than ever. This business has been growing so much that it has become a million dollar idea at this point. 


What happened with the coronavirus was something truly worrying for the world population. Although it had serious consequences and was a completely unexpected situation, it has not displaced another priority. We refer to the importance that companies and the consumer public currently give to caring for the environment. There is a great awareness of how damaging an environmental crisis could be. Therefore, reducing the carbon footprint, making adequate use of water and its conservation will continue to be one of the commercial trends. Sustainable products and goods will gain more and more market share.

Business model innovation

Many industries had to change completely in order to guarantee their survival in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, Formula 1 companies dedicated themselves to manufacturing fans and transformed their operations. Others, such as restaurants, focused on increasing their capacities for the dispatch and delivery of takeout food. Even many hospitals implemented online medical consultations, for example.  In short, it has always been necessary for companies to be attentive to changes in the environment. However, in 2021 this is one of the business trends that will be most decisive for business survival. If the coronavirus crisis has shown anything, it is that the only constant is change. The commercial future belongs to companies that know how to change with the environment.

From the global to the local

COVID-19 made the international exchange of goods difficult. In addition, the tensions between China and the US made many companies think about where and how they marketed their products. In this way, commercial trends emerge where localized manufacturing and sales are an effective strategy to maintain income. In this way, possible business interruption was avoided.  On the other hand, this localized commercial dynamic is much more compatible with the growing environmental awareness. Consequently, the prioritization of local trade over global trade is a trend that tends to remain for longer.  

Decentralized Finance

One of the most significant consequences of the coronavirus pandemic is the nervousness that has arisen in the capital markets. Therefore, financial transactions involving traditional channels have come to a halt. As an alternative, companies seeking capital to expand, change businesses or start a business have turned to decentralized finance options. Among them are those related to blockchain technology and crowdfunding. These financing methods are gaining strength for a future with or without a pandemic. This, thanks to the fact that it makes it possible to acquire capital in an easier and faster way.

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