How to keep your lips moisturized and not dry and cracked

Lips are something that many people often ignore, but actually they are very delicate. Younger siblings need to be well nourished and taken care of as well. The way to take care of it is not difficult at all. One of the things that we must take care of, not allergic to the face and body. Is the surface of the lips, sure enough. Well, our lips are not hurt from just pollution. but also being harmed by both sunlight Using lipstick, eating, and including some toothpaste. If our lips are dry, cracked, flaky, in addition to applying a bad lipstick It still hurts and it hurts a lot.

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7 ways to keep lips soft, moist, not dry, cracked, peeling

1. Drink water and eat nutritious food.

The best lip care starts from the inside like eating. Eating nutritious food, eating all 5 food groups, will help the body receive nutrients to nourish various parts, including our lips. The frequent drinking of water makes our body more balanced. Plus water when drinking. The water will also get a little bit of moisture on the lips. This will help my lips from drying out, not peeling, and not cracking until they get hurt easily. Oh! I forgot to mention that sipping often is better than drinking all at once. The body will gradually absorb, so that the lips will not be dry for a long time.

2. Apply a lip balm with SPF.

It’s great to carry a lip balm in your purse, but not many people carry it. due to the time out of the house I usually wear colored lipsticks, in fact, you can apply one coat first and then apply a different lip color, but most people don’t carry it. So the lips are not moist enough until they peel and dry and flaky. which if anyone is looking for a lip balm to carry We recommend buying a lip balm with SPF, too. dry and flaky Plus it might make it darker as well. Anyway, let’s go buy a bag.

3. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

Smoking and drinking alcohol are actually bad for your health. It’s also the one that makes the lips darker and darker. And it’s easier to dry. If anyone still wants to smoke or drink alcohol, it’s not wrong. Just be aware that it will hurt the skin of our lips. Therefore, we have to take care and nourish it more than those who do not do these two things.

4. Some mouth scrub

Let the world always fight pollution. Let’s turn to scrub some lips. Exfoliating your mouth will help remove dead skin cells. Our lips will be smooth again. Many will have nourishment. There are various vitamins added to it, meaning you get a scrub as well. also nourished. It’s totally worth it, but it’s not good to scrub your lips too often, I only do it about 1-2 times a week as my lips are quite delicate. To disturb it often, it may be a wound, sure enough.

5. Apply lip balm or lip mask before bedtime.

This method is more helpful than helping me. Well, waving it thick and juicy, and glistening as if you just ate a fried egg, the better. and if you haven’t slept yet Maybe play mobile or continue playing games. When it’s really close to bedtime, pick up a lip mask or lip balm and apply it again. It is recommended to apply over this because while we are not sleeping. Sometimes we may accidentally lick the mouth or drink water until the lip balm that has been applied has peeled off. Plus, the air in the bedroom is blown by the fan. or the dryness of the air-conditioned room that sucks again It is recommended to reapply it before going to bed, that is, to see better results.

6. A toothbrush can help.

Every morning after waking up We must take a shower, wash our face, brush our teeth, of course. which when brushing teeth Toothpaste will bite the lips a little bit. Let us take a toothbrush and rub and brush the upper and lower lips. don’t have to be very strong Just enough to allow the flaky skin that has peeled off some of it is enough. This is another way to make our lips smoother. Ready to get lipstick, sure enough. After applying it will definitely not fall into the groove. because the fluff has been cleared But if anyone has a specific brush to drive the lips, you can use that instead. This article talks about the case of people who do not have a specific brush.

7. Do not pull or bite the flakes on the lips.

The pattern of people who can see the flaky on the mouth is not able to secretly pry, pry, and pull, which these behaviors should not be done much at all, that is, to pull it must use force, which when gently pulling, it will not come off. So many people pulled harder. or bite harder The bottom line is that the lip skin over there has been peeling off more than it should be. until finally the wounds have increased. Who can’t imagine I imagine it like when we peel a banana. The skin there was also torn like that. and some people pull so hard that their blood I’m telling you that you shouldn’t do it at all. It’s best to choose a lip scrub or apply a lip mask/lip balm to moisturize.

You see, just change your behavior a little. It helps our lips to come back to be bright, soft, moist, not dry, not cracked, not flaky. However, anyone with very dry lips, do not forget to carry one of your favorite lip balms in your bag. will be able to pick up and apply during the day Whether it’s a tinted lip balm or not, it’s up to you. Or you can apply the lip gloss first and then apply another lip color over it. In case anyone is afraid that they will not be hydrated enough.

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