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In the case of essays, it’s possible that microbes in the hippo’s gut could travel through the food web and through the different fish and invertebrate communities sharing the river. To answer the question, it’s important to look at how those microbes may be influencing the fish and invertebrate communities in the river. Experts on Study Hippo have the knowledge necessary to analyze the essay samples and offer helpful advice.


Hippos provide the perfect laboratory for studying the meta-gut of wild populations. These animals congregate in high-density pools that quickly become anoxic due to subsidy overload. The microbes from hippos’ excrements survive in the water and may be shared by other congregating animals. This discovery could have major implications for understanding the hippo’s impact on the ecosystems.

A study funded by the National Science Foundation is exploring these effects on the food web and the different fish and invertebrate community sharing the river. The researchers hypothesized that hippo gut microbes may pass through the food web and throughout the different fish and invertebrate communities. Their study shows that the hippo’s gut microbes may be transferred to the food web and alter the functioning of ecosystems in areas where hippos and other larger animals have been extirpated.

These findings are not surprising, since a study on the digestive system of a zenaida dove in an African river showed that this animal had yeasts that were found in the gut of a hippo. The study aims to identify the types of microbes found in the hippo’s gut and how they may affect the entire food chain, as well as the ecosystems of different fish and invertebrate communities.


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Testing essay samples

While working in a laboratory requires concentration and focus, it is difficult to complete writing assignments on time. It is important to prioritize library research and coursework, but if you’re running out of time, animal testing essay samples from Leadership, Chapter 3 Quiz – Quiz  can be invaluable. This resource helps you learn the craft of writing about animal testing so that you can present your findings with a professional flair. StudyHippo offers animal testing essay samples written by experts who will teach you how to structure your essay to impress your professor.


Whether you’re writing an argumentative essay, a persuasive essay, or a persuasive one, animal testing essay samples will show you how to write an engaging and compelling piece. Essay topics related to animal testing are controversial, and you can explore both sides of the issue. Consider writing a paper on animal rights and the advantages and disadvantages of animal testing in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. In addition to a solid thesis, animal testing essays should include a hook sentence.

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